2019.07.05-06 The Conference on the Ethics of Science & Technology and Sustainable Development

Reported by Shun-Lien Sung of TWiST

The Conference were open to the public. Main participants include IBC and COMEST members, and presidents of UNESCO-affiliated organizations, who were joined by observers from Member States of UNESCO; organizations of the United Nations system; international, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations; invited experts and members of the general public.

IBC: International Bioethics Committee
COMEST: World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology

The objectives of the Conference are to provide an open forum for the exchange of idea and information on the ethics of science and technology and its implications to sustainable development and to create public awareness on the issue. The meeting also provides an opportunity for networking and future collaboration among participants and observers.

On 5-6 July 2019 in conjunction with the 26th Session of IBC and the 11th Session of COMEST, which were taken place during 2-7 July 2019 at the Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao in Bangkok, Thailand.

Secretary General of INWES, Prof. Jung Sun Kim, were notified by Moutaud Monique of France and seek the recommendation of Professor Chia-li Wu from the Asia-Pacific region to observe the “The Conference” in Bangkok.  So that Shun-Lien Sung, president of TWiST, was appointed (self-financing). She quickly booked the ticket and hotel in great deal and arrived in the Jul-4th evening and flew back to Taiwan at Jul-7th in the morning.

The opening ceremony hosted by Thai Princess Sirindhorn (the second princess of King Pomeran).  The 63-year-old Princess Sirindhorn dressed plainly and gave opening speech in fluent English. The princess breaks the stereotype that was my impression.

Follow up Deputy Director-General of UNESCO introduced science and technology ethics and sustainable development, speech connection. http://www.stethicsconference2019.net/

The conference is an annual working conference of the UNESCO Science and Technology Ethics Society, where interaction between people are limited. Participants are committee members so that there is no host reception. On the first day welcome reception based on invitation. We, INWES, did not receive the invitation. INWES registration information was recorded on the site, but organizer could not find INWES name tag and felt embarrassed. It seems that organizer did not aware of United Nations claimed Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women dated on December 18, 1979.

The development and research of new technologies will not be able to contribute to human beings when they are used by illicit motives; it is important to use ethical norms. Example of Jiankui He, a scientist from Shenzhen, China, used the “CRISPR/Cas9” gene editing technology were discussed. He claimed that successfully used gene editing technology to overcome diseases. However, the technology of genetically editing embryos is mostly not allowed. This is illegal in most parts of Europe and is banned in the United States. Because his research did not use public sector resources, it became a loophole in ethical norms. Although the registries for the projects were mentioned, it will still be a challenge.

The most impressed part is that during conference, there are young people drawing speakers’ speech on large poster in their own interpretation.  So that difference sections’ recorded as comic can be shared. These young people are not only owned painting skill, but also understand the conference theme.

GENOME Technology

Climate change

AI Technology

Comic poster exhibition area



2018年度的性別平等障礙(gender barrier)國際問卷調查,調查結果報告已完成。
完整報告下載:The 2018 Policy Report on Balanced Development of Human Resources for the Future


慶祝 2019/2/11 聯合國 「國際女性科學日 」三部曲首部-「我,愛」

慶祝 2019/2/11 聯合國 「國際女性科學日 」

Celebrating UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science, 11 February, 2019
“Investment in Women and Girls in Science for Inclusive Green Growth”
Trilogy, first episode, ” I, Love”

2018 APNN Report

亞太女科技人國家聯絡網會議(APNN)年度報告,刊載各會員國家報告,以及會議重點回顧。全文下載 : Report of the 2018 APNN Meeting

  • 2018 APNN 會議由越南 Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU)、Viet Nam Association For Intellectual Women (VAFIW)主辦,於2018年10月18-20日在越南河內舉行
  • 這份報告由台灣女科技人學會編輯,2019年1月出版

請於4/24前推薦女研究生參加YWS Camp,名額2位!

2019 MAPWiST YWS Camp 邀請函

請協助推薦35歲以下女研究生,參加今年的YWS Camp (8月7日~9日)。

一、申請者須為本會會員,並繳清108年度會費 (請參考加入會員會費繳費方式)。
二、請在4月24日23:59前繳交以下資料,以電子檔寄到twist.org.tw@gmail.com,主旨請用「中文姓名_YWS application」:

  1. application form
  2. CV
  3. 自我簡介:包含參加動機與目標、對自己專業領域的性別平等觀察、其他個人介紹(如:領導經歷、專業貢獻、公共服務經歷)
  4. 同意書
  5. 指導教授或其他推薦函 (若有,可作為評選參考)
  6. 英語能力證明資料
  7. 審查費1,000元 (依照會費繳費方式繳交)

五、學會聯絡人:王小姐 (電話02-2799-8026)

2017 YWS Camp 會後報導 (作者:李孟倫 現為台灣女科技人學會理事)

2019.9.19-22 亞太女科技人國家聯絡網會議(APNN)暨國際會議-尼泊爾

International Conference of Women in STEM and APNN 2019

Women: Global Leaders in Science and Engineering

September 19-22, 2019



Abstract Submission by March 31, 2019
Early Bird Registration by May 31, 2019
Standard Registration by June 30, 2019
Full paper Submission by June 30, 2019
Conference September 19-22, 2019



2019.2.12 IUPAC Global Breakfast 台灣北中南活動報名

IUPAC 100 週年慶祝活動之一,全球早餐會,即將於2月12日舉辦。
本次活動主題是 ”Empowering Women in Chemistry”

AM9:00~12:00, February 12, 2019

高雄:中山大學: 高雄市蓮海路七十號,理學院大樓,化學系的會議室SC3003之二



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